How can I register for the Animal Ethics Conference?

You can register for the Animal Ethics Conference here.

Do you offer accommodation?

Yes. We offer you an opportunity to stay close to everything that’s happening. During your registration you can reserve your on-campus housing. Alternatively, you can book your accommodation through Airbnb or a hotel nearby. You can find all details here.

Do I get transfer services?

Transfer services are not included as we have delegates arriving by air, train, bus and even cars, so it’s up to you and your preferred method of transport if you need any transfer from for example the airport to the Animal Ethics Conference. If you do, we offer you a discount to book your transfers for reduced rates. So make sure to register first and await our confirmation with discount codes before booking any transfer services.

I'm a presenter. Where can I find instructions?

All instructions can be found here. Good luck with preparing for your presentation!

Do I need a visa?

We advise you to check with your embassy, they will know everything about the specific requirements you’ll need to take care of before traveling to Canada.

Can I cancel my ticket?

You can cancel your ticket, but you won’t be reimbursed. You can, however transfer your ticket upon discussion. Please contact us in order to start a ticket transfer.